Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is situated in the Irish Sea, midway between the UK and Ireland. Home to the internationally renowned TT motorbike races, the Island is also a well respected international financial centre.

International advisors and investors can feel confident that they are doing business in a forward-thinking and well-regulated international finance centre of excellence.

Businesses locating to the Isle of Man will find a stable political system and strong economic development ethos, a skilled workforce, leading technological and physical infrastructure, and a gateway to the UK and the rest of the world.

The Isle of Man has a pro-business government that strives to create an environment for businesses to flourish and has strong partnerships with the private sector which draws upon the Island’s expertise, creativity and connections. Strong links, physical infrastructure and technical facilities enable businesses to operate, develop and deliver to their customers worldwide.

The Isle of Man offers a broad range of practical advantages to those who operate internationally:
  • Advanced telecom and power infrastructure
  • Well established and comprehensive legal and accountancy support
  • Stable economy with over 30 years' continuous growth
  • Clear and simple tax regime
  • Pragmatic but responsible regulatory environment


Zeffyr Services has been in business for over a decade and provides bespoke payment gateway solutions to online merchants. 

Based in the Isle of Man, the company has extensive experience in global payment solutions with a proven track record of reliability and efficient service.